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Flying Tern Charter Fishing
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Sportfishing on the Chesapeake Bay!

Come join Captain Chris Coleman and his skilled mate for a memorable and enjoyable day on the bay!

Captain Chris Coleman owns and operates Flying Tern, a 42' solid fiberglass bay-built charter boat.  The Flying Tern is equipped with the latest electronics and multiple marine radios for safety as well as fishing success.  The boat is Coast Guard Certified to carry a maximum number of 12 passengers.  This allows for very comfortable fishing with 12 anglers or less.  Many species of fish are targeted but the primary targets are: Rockfish(striped bass), Bluefish, Spot, Croaker, Spanish Mackerel, Weakfish, and White Perch.  Captain Chris has grown up in the town of Chesapeake Beach and spent his youth fishing with his father, Capt. George Coleman.  Every third day, Capt. Chris puts his time in with the Montgomery County Fire Department as a EMT and Firefighter.  Captain Chris and his skilled mate are very eager and willing to show you and your friends or family an enjoyable and fun-filled day on the bay!!

Captain Chris offers trips from 6hrs. to 8hrs.  The average ride to the fishing grounds is 45 minutes so the party has plenty of actual fishing time available.  Night fishing for Giant Croakers is also available starting the beginning of June when they really start biting.  Call early for weekend dates and for early Spring Rockfish because those dates often fill up fast.  Make sure you check out the rest of our site and be sure to call with any questions.  (301) 812-0940.  Thanks a lot and may you all stay hung and have tight lines!!


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